Our Instructors

Robert Gager
Chief Instructor
- Tactical Ops
- Command Post Ops
- Military Ops
- Handguns
- Carbines
- Patrol Rifles
- Sniper Team Ops
- Precision Rifles

Mike Stevens
Mil Ops Expert
- Military Ops
- Handguns
- Carbines
- Crew Served Weapons
- Procurement

Will Stevenson
Firearms Inst

- Handguns
- Patrol Rifles
- Sniper Rifles
- Combat Shotgun
- K-9

Clay Jones
Firearms Inst
- Military Ops
- Handguns
- Carbines
- Crew Served Weapons

Kristian Atkins
Combatives Expert
- Hand to hand
- Edged weapons
- Long Stick
- Short Stick
- Handgun/ Carbine
- Precision Rifle

Mike Chapman
IT Securtiy Expert
- Network Security
- Electronics
- Handgun/ Carbine
- Precision Rifle
- Combat Shotgun




Military and Police Advisory Group’s Chief Instructor has over 30 years of experience in firearms and leadership training. He has literally trained thousands of professionals and civilians alike.

He served in the United States Army Infantry from 1976 to 1989 and was honorably discharged as a Sergeant First Class (E-7). He is proud to be associated with the term "grunt" and has served in a variety of leadership positions ranging from Squad Leader to Platoon Sergeant in Light Infantry units. During his enlistment he served as an instructor in numerous subjects including, but not limited to; Survival Escape Evasion Resistance training, effective communications, leadership styles, problem solving and decision making, land navigation, small unit tactics and has instructed soldiers in the use of all firearms employed by an infantry unit including demolitions.

While assigned to the Third Corps Noncommissioned Officers Academy, in Fort Hood Texas, he was instrumental in developing a program of instruction known as the Senior Leadership Academy, which instructed law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Texas in the fundamentals of leadership and effective communications.

He retired in May 2015 after serving honorably as law enforcement professional in the State of California since 1989. His assignments have included Chief of Police, Commander of Police Services, Patrol Sergeant, field training officer, undercover narcotics, high-risk entry team member, police sniper, gang detail and special problems unit member. He ultimately retired as the Chief of Police for the City of Port Hueneme in Ventura County.

He continues to participate in sniper/tactical rifle competitions each year including Snipercraft’s, Sniper Week in San Diego, Phoenix Tactical Precision Rifle Competition and the CMP Western Games Vintage Sniper Match.

Civilian Education:
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Management

U.S. Army Service Schools:
Primary Leadership Development Course
Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course
Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course
Senior Leadership Course
Instructor Training Course
Survival Escape Evasion Resistance Instructor
Defense Language Certified (German)

Foreign Military Service Schools/ Certificates:
French Commando School
German Army Marksmanship Medal (Gold)
Bundes Grenz Schutz Joint Border Operations

Law Enforcement Certificates:
State of California POST Executive Certificate
State of California POST Management Certificate
State of California POST Supervisory Certificate
State of California POST Advanced Certificate
California Department of Justice Narcotics Investigation Certificate
California Department of Justice Sex Offender Tracking and Registration
State of California Child Forensic Interview Specialist
State of California Child Abuse Investigator
State of Texas TCLOSE Instructor’s Certificate
U.S. Department of Transportation Drug Recognition Expert Certificates
California Narcotics Officer Association Drug Abuse Recognition Program
California Narcotics Officer Association Advanced Search Warrant
Ventura County Crisis Intervention Certificate
Rio Hondo Field Training Officer Course
Rio Hondo Narcotics Investigation Course

Department of Homeland Security Certificates:
Incident Command System IS-700, IS-100, IS-200
Weapons of Mass Destruction Incident Management/
Unified Command Certified
Critical Incident Command Post Operations

Firearms Training Certificates:
U.S. Army Firearms Instructor Certified
Federal Bureau of Investigations SWAT Operations
Federal Bureau of Investigations Firearms Instructor School
California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Instructor
Police Training Consultants Basic Sniper/ Observer Course
Police Training Consultants Advanced Sniper/ Observer Course
Police Training Consultants Extreme Sniper/ Observer Course
Snipercraft Basic Police Sniper Course
Advanced Taser Certificate
Killeen Police Department Combat Pistol Course
Killeen Police Department Instinctive Shooting Course

Professional Associations:
California Police Chiefs Association (Member)
California Narcotics Officer Association (Member)
California Peace Officers Association (Member)
American Sniper Association (Member)
Army Sniper Association (Life Member)
National Rifle Association (Life Member)
California Rifle and Pistol Association (Member)

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