Training Available:
  • Active Shooter
  • High Risk Entry
  • Tactical Operations
  • Firearms Remediation Training
  • Perishable Skills Training
  • Precision Rifle

MPAG keeps our class sizes low to ensure students Learn and retain lessons, providing indvidual attention when needed.

MPAG uses interactive target, induced stress, and audible stimulus to provide the student with a realistic training environment. All of this is done in an attempt to simulate the body’s response to critical incidents, and build the officer’s confidence and reaction time.

Have you ever been to training where they treat you like an idiot? have we, and we hate it as much as you do.

At MPAG we do not consider ourselves the "end all, be all experts"...just professionals with many years of "been there, done that" experience.


To reduce training costs and to provide your team with the most realistic training available, MPAG uses Airsoft weapons to allow your officers to maneuver against a thinking adversary, who moves and shoots back.



For the most realistic targets available!!


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